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Tree Videos and Podcasts

2014 ISA update
2014 ISA Highlights
2014 International Tree Climbing Highlights
ISA Chapter's Welcome to the 2014 Annual Conference (Texas Too!)

Tree Care
ArborPod Climbing and Rigging
The Science of Arboriculture Podcasts
Chainsaws, rigging and other arborist videos

Tree Planting

Tree Watering Tips Video
NeighborWoods Handbook (PDF) - Click to View, right click to Download
NeighborWoods video high res (right click to download)
Videos - How to select, plant and care for your new tree

Treaty Oak move to the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center:
Lower Resolution   Higher Resolution  (Click to play, right click to download)

100 year old Compton Oak moved in League City

Tree Preservation

On-Site Tree Preservation Methods for Contractors
Tips and techniques for preserving trees in development (Right click to save here)


Tree Safety

Chipper death investigation
Cutting down really big trees in BC

Urban Forestry Videos

Urban Forestry: Making Trees Work For Your Community (AL Extension)
Part 1   Part 2  
Community Trees: A Living Investment


Careers in Arboriculture

Careers in Arboriculture part 1

Careers in Arboriculture part 2


Misc. Tree Videos
Why trees are important to your community (a doodle)
Computers mimic trees
Kim Coder and 28 other urban forestry and arboriculture videos
Grafting pecans
A herd of goats in a tree
Arizona Ash Blues - the Video
Chainsaw artist at work
A wood turner turning a tree inside out
Another turner at work: A how-to video

Splitting an oak using black powder

Lena Horne sings about tree planting
Stupid stuff - a complete waste of time...
Untrained tree cutter in action
Three Stooges Tree Surgeons
Pulling the plug on a tree
Funny African Booze Tree (I kid you not)
There's A Leprechaun in The Tree (24 million hits)

Crying over a tree
Response to tree weepers