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Every year, ISAT provides scholarships to the Forestry Departments of Stephen F. Austin State University and Texas A&M University. These grants assist deserving students who are studying arboriculture and urban forestry. If you are a teacher or student at another Texas college or university, and are interested in educational assistance from ISAT, just drop us a line at
Stephen F. Austin State University

 ISAT Scholarships - Stephen F. Austin State University
Professor Hans Williams


Angela Sutherland is a senior at Arthur Temple College of Forestry and Agriculture at Stephen F. Austin State University, and is pursuing a Bachelorís of Science in Forestry degree with an Urban Forestry emphasis.  Her hometown is Cleburne, TX.  Angela works as a student assistant responsible for management of the college greenhouse and growth chambers.  She is involved in student professional organizations including the ISA Student Society of Arboriculture, serving as the current Treasurer, and the National Association of Interpretation.  She recently presented a poster at a conference on the results from her undergraduate research project studying the flood tolerance of native tree species.  She recently was the lead coordinator on a student project to develop a recruiting video for the college.   After receiving her Bachelorís degree she would like to continue her education to obtain a PhD in Forestry and become a professor at the collegiate level.

2010 Andrew Anstrom
2009 Melissa Ferguson

Matthew Skillern, 2009
I want to personally thank you for providing me with a scholarship for this semester; it shows that you have put trust in me and my dedication in college. To let you know a little more about me, I am an urban forestry senior from Tyler, Texas; expected to graduate in Fall of 2009. I started college in 2004 at Tyler Junior College as a mechanical engineer, but switched to general studies due to difficulties I was having with certain classes. In 2006, after receiving an Associate in Science, I decided to go to SFA to study forestry, and later on to major in Urban Forestry. As of now I am leaving my options open on what type of forestry career I will pursue after I graduate; I am willing to work with either for the state, municipalities, or for arboriculture companies. Again I want to thank you for providing me with this scholarship.
08-09 Weldon Dent  
07-08 Joshua Graham   
06-07 Anthony May       Graduated 2007
05-06 Anthony May     Graduated 2007
04-05 Kelly Hinte    City Forester New Braunfels, Tx
03-04  Terry Miller   Private Land Manager
02-03 Damond Compton  Arborilogical Services, Wylie, TX
01-02 Bryan Adkins    Davey Tree Experts, Houston, TX
00-01 Viviana Marin    

 ISAT Scholarships - Texas A&M
Professor Todd Watson


Rachel McGregor


Jeff King