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Texas Municipal Tree Definitions
(Accuracy not guaranteed - please check with individual communities for updates)


Forester, City


Fort Worth

for the purpose of tree preservation, that person or persons designated by the Director of Planning and Development to provide administrative review and approval of Urban Forestry Plans / Permits (Urban Forestry Compliance Section).


Hedwig Village

means the person designated by the city council to administer and enforce the provisions of this article.


Forester, Urban



means a city employee qualified as a forester.


Hunters Creek Village

means a professional so designated from time to time by the city council of the city under this article.



a resource professional, charged with the responsibility of planning, establishing, protecting, and managing trees and associated plants, individually, in small groups, and under forest conditions within the city, with full authority to enforce Ordinance No. 772 of the Code of Ordinances of the City of Pearland (Tree Protection and Preservation Ordinance) for violations of the same.


West University Place

means a person so designated and acting under this chapter.


Forestry Manager


Round Rock

shall mean the person who oversees the urban forestry program; all aspects of public tree planting and public tree care; the Tree Protection and Preservation Ordinance; and relevant portions of Chapter 11, Section 11.501, Landscaping.


Fund for Restoration



means the fund established by the city for the purpose of collecting monetary reparation to provide for urban reforestation, purchase and preservation of natural areas, public education, as well as costs associated therein by the department of leisure services, in conjunction with the park and recreation board.