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ISAT Municipal Working Group
Formed in 2006 to help network ISAT members concerned with municipal trees. Questions and comments can be sent to Lara Schuman, 2013-2014 Chair.

Why you should join the Society of Municipal Arborists!

Texas Urban Forestry TrResources

Texas Municipal Tree Ordinances Listing
Texas Community Urban Forestry Websites
A Description of Texas Municipal Forestry Programs: How Critical Program Elements Vary According to City Size, Expenditures, and Assistance from the State Keith O'Herrin, Texas State University
US Forest Service Urban Forestry Links
Benefits of Trees: Green Cities - Good Health (Univ. of WA)

APWA Developing and Managing an Urban Forestry Program
(TFS PowerPoint Slides)
Tree Board University Online Training Course
How to conduct a tree inventory
Urban Forest Management Plan Toolkit
Developing Urban Forestry Strategic and Management Plans

SMA Municipal Forestry Institute

Texas Tree Advocates
Texas Urban Forestry Council
Dallas Urban Forest Advisory Committee
Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council
Houston Area Urban Forestry Council
West Texas Urban Forestry Council

Austin Heritage Tree Foundation
Trees For Houston
Texas Tree Foundation (Metroplex)
TreeFolks (Austin)
Trinity Blacklands Urban Forestry Council

Street Tree Inventory Reports and Recommendations for:
Galveston Inventory of Trees Damaged by Hurricane Ike
Cedar Park
Missouri City

City of Allen
Shenandoah Report (Slide Show 4MB)
TreePrint for the Houston Region

Tree Preservation Resources:
Preserving Trees on Construction Sites (MS)

Tree Protection BMP's for Contractors and Builders

2006 Tree Protection Ordinance Workshop
"What Works and What Doesn't" Presentations:

Austin Tree Protection Ordinance, by Michael Embesi (PDF)
San Antonio Tree Protection Ordinance, by Debbie Reid (PDF)

Questions from the workshop
Austin answers from the workshop

Trees and Green Infrastructure:
2014 EPA Green Infrastructure Guide
Washington D.C. Green Infrastructure Standards
SMA Urban Forestry Best Management Practices Fliers

Sustaining America’s Urban Trees and Forests 2010 USFS Nowak
2009 Green Cities Report
Forestry Watershed Resource Guide
Green Infrastructure, The Conservation Fund
Urban Tree Canopy (UTC) Case Studies
Stormwater Management and Urban Watersheds

Structural Soils in Urban Forestry to Improve Water Quality

Tree Planting:
Washington D. C. Tree Planting Specifications
Specifications for Container-grown Trees (CA)
2010 City of Galveston Tree Planting Strategic Plan
2010 Tree Planting Day Plan - East End Galveston Island

NeighborWoods Video\

Disaster Planning and Response in the Urban Forest
Urban Forestry Emergency Planning Guide

The Treaty Oak Story

International Urban Forestry:
Slide Show of Tree Planting in the Mexican Colonia of Anapra

Planning for the Community Forest in SC - A Guidebook (great overview)
UrbanForestryIndex (UFind)
The Society of Municipal Arborists Homepage
ISA Municipal Arborist Certification Instructions & Application Form
USDA Mid-Atlantic Urban Forestry Center Fall 2006 newsletter

USFS Tree appreciation materials

City of Palo Alto, CA
City of Albuquerque
City of Renton, WA, Urban Forestry Development Plan 2009
Washington DC Urban Forestry Report Card
SB 712 Trees and Energy
Urban Forestry Lessons at Project Learning Tree
Sustainable Urban Forestry Coalition
Urban Forestry South Index
Urban Forestry Database (U Minn)
Storms Over the Urban Forest

2011 Tree Board Presentations
Tree Politics (10MB)

Alternative Funding Strategies for Urban Forestry (7.7MB)

Application for Accredited U&CF Program